These plants and arrangements are artificial – (often called silks) but realistic and of premium quality. Very little maintenance is required just a periodic wipe with a cloth is all that’s required over time to remove dust build up. Placing an order through to our checkout will be for deliveries only.
If you’d like to pick up an arrangement, we are situated in the leafy suburb of Carine,WA. Call us on 0439521438 to organise a date/time of pick up otherwise email us at

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Bowl of White Flowers in Resin Water (SILK)


This classic arrangement is full of premium quality artificial flowers in whites. Native proteas, delphiniums, gum nuts, and other flowers and greenery all set in a resin water. Sits approximately 70cm high, wide and deep, Can be placed in the middle of a table or against a wall. Easy to maintain with a periodic wipe […]

Gold Pot of Native Flowers (SILK)


A very beautiful, modern and textured arrangement is set in a gorgeous metallic gold ceramic pot. All Artificial has banksias, lotus pods and textured foliage and greenery. Approximately 50cm high x 40cm wide x  40cm deep. Best suited against a wall or on a counter in a shop. Easy to maintain with a periodic wipe […]

White Native Glass Bowl Arrangement(SILK)


This stunning artificial arrangement is set in a water like resin. It’s in a posy shape and will suit placement on the centre of a table or against a wall. It measures approximately 30cm high by 30cm wide. Immediate delivery and pick available.

Phalaenopsis Plant with Succulents (SILK)


Quite a modern, classic decorator piece it contains fresh look, life-like orchid plant in a glass pot with moss, succulents and white daisy flowers at the base. All artificial, no watering required! Stands approximately 80cm high, 50cm wide and 37cm deep. Immediate stock available.

Fresh Green Arrangement (SILK)


This modern, fresh artificial arrangement has a lovely ceramic pot with lotus pods, oriental lily, succulents and other flowers and greenery. Sits approximately 58cm high, 50cm wide and 40cm deep. Please view other images

Table Arrangement (SILK)


This very bright floral arrangement has artificial flowers, greenery and vine and displayed in a wooden and metal base. It sits approximately 30cm high, 60cm long and 30cm wide. One only available

Flower taps (SILK)


This very unique arrangement has artificial flowers in 2 ceramic pots and held by a metal tap holder. The arrangement stands approximately 47cm high, 32cm wide and 22cm deep. Please view images for side and back views One only available!

Bright Flower Arrangement (SILK)


This gorgeous, tall front facing arrangemnt contains premium quality artificial flowers in bright vibrant colours. Phalaenopsis orchids, greenbird, carnations, frangipaniand more. Set in a speckled white ceramic pot, Stunning arrangement it stands approximately 1 metre tall, 80cm wide and 40cm deep. will last for many years! Immediate delivery or pickup available.

Basket of Flowers (SILK & DRIED/PRESERVED)


This gorgeous, tall front facing arrangement contains artificial and dried/preserved flowers. Banksias, magnolias, bunny tails and eucalyptus gum. All arranged in a two toned basket. Stands approximately 1 metre tall, 60cm wide and 45cm deep. immediate delivery or pickup available (by appointment only)

Showing 1–9 of 13 results